Top 5 tips to build a great small business company culture


How To Make Sure You Have A Good Workplace Culture If you are a business owner, it's important to place an emphasis on workplace culture. Workplace culture can be challenging to control, but there are things you can do to help improve it. A good workplace culture encourages both hard work and teamwork, and it [...]

Top 5 tips to build a great small business company culture2018-04-02T18:21:28-04:00

10 Ways to Boost Sales Without Sacrificing Quality


In the business world, the ability to sell someone a product, a service or an idea is the most important fundamental skill. As a business grows, you’d expect your sales to grow as well, and while this is not always the case, effective sales technique can help you close a sale. In today's economy, there [...]

10 Ways to Boost Sales Without Sacrificing Quality2018-04-02T18:22:57-04:00

Business growth plan for new businesses


The advancement and prosperity of small companies is essential for economic growth and stability. Starting a new business can be tedious while making sure that business is successful can be daunting. Building a company from the ground up is a noble task and you need to make sure you have all the tools you need [...]

Business growth plan for new businesses2018-04-02T18:23:39-04:00

Top 7 tips for business decision making


There is no perfect formula for making informed business decisions. No one gets it right every time. What is important is that you don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to making these important decisions. According to industry leaders, there are few key points that can help you develop and implement decision-making plans with a [...]

Top 7 tips for business decision making2018-04-02T18:24:10-04:00

Why Small Business Accounting Is Necessary?


Did you know that 75% of small businesses end up closing shop within the first five years itself because of waste, fraud, and accounts receivable? According to a survey by Staples, owners lack the knowledge to handle their business’ finances on their own, despite believing otherwise. Almost 19% have strange places where they have saved [...]

Why Small Business Accounting Is Necessary?2018-04-02T18:25:08-04:00

Tax Advice


What to do to prepare for the taxes Our best advice is to keep all your documents properly stored so that when you are filling your taxes your accountant has all the accurate and concise information you need to complete a tax report. This will guarantee that the IRS is not left with a penny yours and [...]

Tax Advice2018-04-02T18:25:40-04:00
RyeTruth ReycruZ305
RyeTruth ReycruZ305
19:25 29 Mar 20
I had an incredibly good experience with Jimenez Accounting Services. I had an issue with my taxes, I explained the issue over the phone and didn’t even have to finished explaining because Mr. Jimenez already knew what I was talking about and most importantly how to solve it, I sent my documents and the same day my taxes were done. Within two weeks I received a direct deposit and I didn’t even request a fast return. I feel that Jimenez’s fee was very low considering their experienced.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Majo Arguello
Majo Arguello
15:49 22 Feb 20
Been 4 years coming and I never had one complain. Best place to get your taxes done , trustworthy and on point. Thank you !!!
Oniel Blackwood
Oniel Blackwood
15:49 15 Feb 20
Great personality. Very friendly, informative & knowledgeable. My taxes were prepared in a timely fashion. I would recommend and I will be filing w/ Mr. Jimenez next year.
02:28 11 Feb 20
Very professional, friendly, responsive, trustworthy! We felt good doing our taxes with Jimenez Accounting Services! Will definitely continue to work with him for all of our tax needs! - Oscar
Mildred Quinones
Mildred Quinones
22:30 05 Feb 20
Jimenez is very reasonable with his fees.Excellent service, definitely go seek his services.Honest and trustworthy.
Manny Isaac
Manny Isaac
16:29 17 Mar 18
Jimenez's Accounting Service, Inc. Is a reliable place and they knows what there doing. Mr. Jimenez is a person that helps you understand the new tax law. I was running late and he stood at his office just waiting for me. It's been two years and I hope to keep going. Thank you, Domingo for the great service you provide.
Daniela Brea
Daniela Brea
23:07 16 Mar 18
They have great service and a great price. Your money will comes back super fast I really recommend them👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Stephanny Chimayco
Stephanny Chimayco
19:31 14 Mar 18
Excellent service, first time doing taxes and he was extremely helpful. I recommend Jimenez Accounting Services.
Rocco Baldassarre
Rocco Baldassarre
19:31 27 Feb 18
Domingo is helping my business since 2016. He is a great business partner and supports my company like if it was his own. I highly recommend Jimenez Accounting to any person looking for top notch accounting.
Martha Burns
Martha Burns
15:33 26 Feb 18
Best accountant I have found in a very long time. Really knowledgeable and honest. Prices are very reasonable and he will work with you!!
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