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Domingo Jimenez

Senior Master Accountant & Tax Specialist

Domingo Jimenez, on the surface, is an extremely accomplished accountant at Jimenez Accounting Services, Inc., with 30 years of experience in the accounting & income tax services. He consistently ensures that the business he manages their accounting & tax matters have a high rate of success.

He considers himself a “accounting & tax Doctor” who takes a business with major financial disorders and operates on it to bring it to a healthy environment where everybody wins. As such, he prides himself in avoiding businesses having to pay thousands of dollars in penalties to the IRS for reporting late and producing accurate accounting reports with reliable information empowering owners to make efficient decisions that results in high profits for stockholders.

More than a mere accountant he takes it very seriously when it comes to preparing solid financial statements and highlighting the best decisions for business owners. Mr. Jimenez received his MBA in Accounting from FMU in 2005. He has been an accountant since 1985 when he developed a passion to pursue this career helping running business financials.

He undertook the Chief Accountant position on several enterprises helping them to jump start their cash flow, improve their expending habits and taught them to always honor their budget and maximize the use of their capital investment.

During his most recent five-year tenure in the financial industry, Mr. Jimenez has fed his insatiable interest in helping businesses grow using his firm as a tool to assist new and experienced entrepreneurs, so they could have peace of mind when handling their company financial information.

Mr. Jimenez is planning to expand Jimenez Accounting Services to provide a series of services related to the industry, such as helping companies to improve their credit score – to be able to obtain affordable loans to take their businesses to the next level. Also he is developing a department to target long term planning and growth projections to assure stockholders aim high following their best interests.

Mr. Jimenez is fully registered with the IRS and is part of several associations that keep him up to date of all new legislations, business trends, and investment opportunities so that all his customers benefit from his knowledge and expertise on these fields.

Team Members

Nykoll Hernandez

Highly organized and detail oriented, with track record of accurately and efficiently supporting activities of accounting. Hard worker and highly motivated with a strong work ethic.  

Keila Jimenez
General Manager

Dedicated mother, wife and General Manager of Jimenez Accounting Services, Inc. Keila Jimenez is all about the consumer experience.